Wine tourism


Discover the secrets of wine through our tours, an experience that will awaken all your senses and transport you to the heart of Catalan wine culture.

Explore exclusive paired tastings, where the flavors of wine blend harmoniously with delicious local delicacies, creating a unique sensory experience that will leave you spellbound.




Immerse yourself in a world of delicious contrasts with our exciting fusion of selected wines and gourmet ice creams. Let all your senses marvel as the seductive flavours of wine intertwine with the smoothness and freshness of our artisanal ice creams.

Get ready to indulge your senses with this unique and tempting experience you will never forget!


♦ Visit & Tasting Pack (10h or 12h morning): Visit the winery with a tasting of 4 wines paired with 8 artisan ice creams.15€ per person (max 15 people).



Guided tour with tasting and tapas pairing


Would you like to know what is behind each drop of wine in our winery? Complement your trip to the Empordà region with the experience of a tour of our winery within the unique setting of a Cooperative. Will you join us?


♦ Visit & Tasting Pack (10 or 12 am):  Visit the cellar and tasting 4 wines pairing with 4 "tapas". €12 per person (maximum 15 people).

Wine & Bunkers, a blend of nature and culture.


Cooperativa Garriguella and the architect Adela Geli, come together to discover the heritage of the post-war bunkers in the wine making landscape that surrounds them.The experience ends with a tasting of wines produced in the vineyards visited.Immerse yourself in last century among vineyards and bunkers, a fascinating blend of nature and culture! Further information and reservations.  WINES & BUNKERS

♦ Wines & Bunkers Pack (10 am): €17 per person / €7 Children (7-14 years old) free for children up to 6 years old.




After a guided tour of our Cooperative, you will taste our wines with some of the best cheeses in the area!

♦ Visit & Tasting Pack (10 or 12h morning): Visit to the winery and tasting of 4 wines paired with 8 selected cheeses. 18€ per person




Come and enjoy a unique food and wine experience! The fusion of two of the great pleasures of life, wines and chocolates.

♦ Pack visit and tasting (10 or 12am ). Visit to the winery and tasting of 4 wines paired with 8 selected chocolates. 12€ per person (max 15 people)

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