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Wine & Bunkers, a blend of nature and culture.

Cooperativa Garriguella and the architect Adela Geli, author of the book "Recorrer la Garriguella Fortificada. Descifrando los bunkers: arquitectura y paisaje" come together to discover the heritage of the post-war bunkers in the wine making landscape that surrounds them.

This guided tour will lead you to discover the history of the bunkers and their architecture, designed according to the weapon to be used in them and camouflaged according to the vineyard landscape surrounding them. The experience ends with a tasting of wines DO Empordà produced in the vineyards visited.

Immerse yourself in last century among vineyards and bunkers, a fascinating blend of nature and culture! Further information and reservations.  WINES & BUNKERS

Would you like to know what is behind each drop of wine in our winery?

Every bottle has a thousand stories to tell, a thousand experiences to live, a human effort to discover and an agricultural heritage to preserve. Wine reflects the landscape where it is produced - the vineyard, and the climate that surrounds us - a fresh sip of the tramontana north wind in a glass.

We would like to share all these experiences with you. We would like you to discover, feel and smell what goes into each glass of our DO Empordà wine. Will you join us?

We offer a wide range of wine tourism options, from guided and interactive tours with wine tastings that can be combined with wine-pairing tastings, breakfast, gourmet menu, tours for the whole family.

Complement your trip to the Empordà region with the experience of a tour of our winery within the unique setting of a Cooperative.

Our packs:

♦ Visit & Tasting Pack:  Visit the cellar and tasting 4 wines pairing with 4 "tapas". €12 per person

Wines & Bunkers Pack: €17 per person / €7 Children (7-14 years old) free for children up to 6 years old.

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